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Zenol Moore

Zenol Moore, a member of our Arlington Heights congregation, lives in an assisted living facility in Batavia. Since they are still not allowing visitors, they have no church services or pastoral visits, so Zenol decided to start a Bible study. Zenol really wanted to use Pastor Colin’s Psalm 23 series, but they don’t have computers or the ability to watch the sermon. Another woman from The Orchard has been printing out Pastor Colin’s sermon transcript and mailing copies to Zenol. She hands them out to the others in the Bible study and they take turns reading the sermon aloud and then discussing it!

Zenol said she is always asking the Lord, “Why am I here…and what do You want me to do?” She knows that if He is giving her work to do, He will give her the energy to do it. And it’s a good thing, because she is 97 years old!!