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Tibor and Marta Miklos

It would be impossible to know and tell everything the Lord has done in and through The Orchard these last 25 years in Hungary. We prayed for direction, a property, Hungarian church planters, and for more workers to be sent into the harvest. The Hungary Prayer Guide from 1997-1999 invited partners and partner churches to pray for Hungarians who would eventually replace Reach Global missionaries. Looking back, we see how God answered that prayer in a couple named Tibor and Marta Miklos.

I (Brad) first met Tibor in 1997 when he was the guide for our prayer team around the city of Budapest. He translated while I shared the Gospel with a public toilet attendant in City Park that summer. That lady put her faith in Christ that day. Tibor is a gifted evangelist, and after that summer, partner churches helped send him to Bible school to prepare him for full-time ministry in helping launch a church planting movement. His wife is a prayerful, godly woman with the gift of hospitality and great sense of humor. They have a joy and enthusiasm for life which is a great testimony to Christ. This joy is even more incredible because they are both blind.

Tibor and Marta were a couple for whom churches prayed in earnest. Hungary needed evangelists and church planters. In answer to prayer, Tibor finished Bible school and served in several churches, all while helping plant others. Much to the doctor’s amazement, their daughter, Noemi, did not inherit the same degenerative eye disease that took her parents’ eyesight. She is now a senior at Judson College here in Chicago. Tibor and Marta are faithful in evangelism, leading an evangelistic ministry to the poor and blind in Central Europe, while involved in planting a church near where they live.

Tibor is known to many at The Orchard for hosting them in his home, facilitating some of our short-term teams, and praying for The Orchard these past 25 years. This is just one couple of many that the Lord has shown us in answer to our prayers!

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