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Stephanie Bucataru

An Evening in the Life of a LIFE Group
We linger in the kitchen – mugs of hot tea cupped in our hands – to catch up on each other’s lives. Laughter, hugs, often chocolate – this is a comfortable place where we feel known. Soon, we pause our conversations to gather as a group where a thoughtful or silly ice breaker will circle around, usually eliciting laughter. Then, Bibles open, we switch gears and take turns reading the precious Word of God. This is an opportunity to slow down from our busy lives and ponder words of life. After all the shallow, unsatisfying messages that flood our thoughts via media, we rest and absorb living water, precious promises, truth. Our faithful leaders probe our minds with questions that encourage discussion and reflection. We are stretched. We are convicted. We are encouraged. Regrounded, we examine our hearts. Where have we gone astray? Where do we need to recalibrate our thoughts or actions?  

Then, in smaller groups, we vulnerably open up to share our struggles – stressful circumstances at work, unsaved friends and family, worries in parenting... Sometimes there are tears and hugs and tissue boxes. Sometimes there is recognition – an understanding “you too?” moment. Always we take one step closer to knowing each other. Always these very different women with very different lives become our sisters, fulfilling our Shepherd’s prayer that we also would be one. And then we pray for one another. We approach that holy throne, washed in the blood of Christ, and we petition our good God on behalf of our sisters. And this wraps us in a warm embrace, for we know we are loved by our Father as we experience the love of His family.