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Stan Guillaume

LIFE Groups have been a dynamic part of my life since I arrived at The Orchard. I have experienced meaningful relationships both in groups for men and in groups with for married couples. When our pastors began providing questions to accompany the sermons, the men in our LIFE Group latched onto them. It is so easy to lose track of what we hear in the service but continuing to study the material throughout the next week has significantly improved our memory and our ability to practically apply the message.  

We met at the church until last March when we had to switch to ZoomAttendance has grown to as many as 14 men and the discussions are more energetic. Our leader, Kevin Johanson, keeps us focused on sharing our faith and actively supporting each other. We have grown as we have reached out to assist people in our congregation. Sharing prayer requests has provided another powerful dynamic for us. As we close each study, we pray specifically for shared needs and then we send a printed copy of these concerns so that intercessory prayer can continue. Recently a former business acquaintance of one of our members joined us from Arkansas and several times asked us to pray for the reconciliation of his marriage. Then one morning, with a smile on his face, he asked us to pray for him. He and his ex-wife were being remarried the next day. The picture he sent after the wedding confirmed the joy and confidence the Lord was giving them. What a miraculous life change and answer to our prayers! Our group is a blend of retired, working, and early-career men. We are learning from each other. As long as a LIFE Group is available to me, I will participate. It has been a vital vehicle for facilitating growth in my walk with the Lord. I always look forward to Thursday morning’s Zoom call!