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Sharon Lundgren

The text read: “If you’re around home today, I’d like to drop something off for you.” That something turned out to be a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, an encouraging note, and multiple grocery/restaurant gift cards. I had been laid off from my job due to COVID one week prior. The following week I received another note in the mail, this one containing a very thoughtful and generous monetary gift! From an immediate offer of “a walk, a talk, a laugh, or a scream fest” to many encouraging texts and Scripture verses to consistent, weekly follow ups on the job search process, the women in my LIFE Group have cared for me well. I have keenly felt their ministry of presence, encouragement and direction toward Christ during these months of unemployment. Fifteen weeks in and my prayer request was offered up with a bit of sarcasm: “Friends, you may not know this, but I need a job!” I knew that even though I felt like a broken record, these sisters would, with joy, continue to faithfully pray for me. Throughout this year of what has, at times, seemed like perpetual disappointment for many of us, I have so appreciated the way we have been able to express these let downs to one another, have sat in the yuck together, and have then encouraged each other to look to Jesus, who walks beside us through it all. An oft heard phrase among our group (usually when we’ve been chatting too long and are starting late) is, “It’s too bad we like each other so much!” How thankful I am to the Lord for seeing fit to place me amidst this circle of women who are not only super fun but are also Christ-exalting and who have become such dear friends. I am blessed!