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Sean's Story

Before Sean’s sophomore year of high school, his parents divorced. This news devastated him and all that he counted on as stable and secure. That entire year, Sean did not want to be home. He blamed both parents and didn’t want to interact with either of them.

Sean turned to racing cars four days a week as an outlet for his pain. But this didn’t seem to satisfy the pain he felt inside. That’s when Sean started attending Campus Life in Barrington, where he met students from The Orchard Barrington and Pastor Josh Newton. Josh invited Sean to attend a retreat in Branson, MO where he preached a Gospel-centered message to many students who were not connected to a local church or who knew Jesus Christ as Savior.

While on the Branson, MO trip, Sean came to realize the only secure foundation in his life was Jesus Christ. Instead of staying out until 10 p.m. every night, Sean found solace attending Youth Group on Wednesday nights and worship services on Sundays.

Sean, now a high school senior, realized that God has a plan for him, even in the midst of his parents’ divorce. Sean realized that Christ died for him, and he is deeply loved.