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Rae Allina

Several months ago, God brought a group of five women together after I shared a post to see if anyone was interested in learning more about the Bible. Pastor Colin Smith (from my previous church, The Orchard) in Chicago developed too called Open, designed to walk you through the Bible start to finish in 52 weeks. Each week has scripture, a 15-20 minute short sermon and study questions. I have been a believer and actively reading the word of God for the last five years but had never read the entire Bible. It has been an awesome way to stay plugged in throughout the week but it has also brought the most amazing community about with friends I've had from different parts of my life. The best part is that we are doing this virtually through Zoom.

None of them had met prior to this study and I think we would all agree that we were meant to be a part of each other's lives... Not just as sisters in Christ but women who share a lot of similar struggles and similarities. We talk about the hard stuff, challenge each other and most importantly pray for one another. I am sharing this for those of you who may be seeking community in the area of your faith. Maybe the times don't work for you to be a part of a small group at your church... Don't wait! Start your own and use this amazing resource as a guide.