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Paul Kadolpf

I, like many, have experienced challenges in my life: a major heart attack, respiratory condition, five eye surgeries, broken back, broken neck, and stage four cancer. Amid these difficulties, God led me to Community Care Ministry (CCM) at The Orchard. CCM was a very comfortable environment. I knew the first day I was there that this was a very special church and ministry. Until now, I had experienced 36 years of spiritual confusion about what to believe. I have attained a spectacular relationship with God. God has saved my life many times. In fact, God was carrying me through it all. I now recognize a consistent calmness, happiness, and confident lifestyle given by Gods grace. I am continually thankful to God, CCM, and The Orchard. I try to live by the Word of God. My feelings of depression, insecurity, negativity, and emotional pains have lessened tremendously. I’m most grateful to God for giving me His Holy Spirt, who always reminds me to trust in the Lord.”I’m living the happiest time of my life.