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Oliver Meja

Oliver Meja, a 7th grade student, registered for Northfield's Youth Group without ever having been to The Orchard before. His first night was the fall launch. When Oliver arrived he was reserved at first, but was warmly welcomed by the middle school boys and leaders. He jumped right into a game of 9 Square.

After the first night, Pastor Jeremy Schambach got a text from Oliver's mom, “I just wanted to thank you! You guys are doing an amazing job, my son came home lit up and so excited.” 

Jeremy asked her how they had heard about The Orchard. She had seen The Orchard’s booth at Northfield Market and Music and looked us up online. When she saw that there was a Youth Group, she was so excited to tell her son about it and they registered that day.

The Orchard Northfield challenges its students to hand out 10 Gospel of Mark books (LIFE books) to their friends and classmates and ask if they’d want to read it together. Oliver was the first student to hand out all 10 to his friends. It’s amazing to see the Lord at work!

“Seriously as a single mom, it’s so reassuring to drop him off knowing he is receiving such positive role modeling and guidance. For the first time, I feel like I have a hand in guiding him in the right direction.” - Oliver's mom, Molly.