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Miriam Neff

I was drawn to The Orchard by the sound teaching and servant-hearted leadership. I soon noticed an opportunity to attend a prayer- focused group. Eagerly, I showed up. Pray First at The Orchard is unique. In my vintage years in good churches, none had such a gathering. We sat in tables of eight, sang, and then prayed for people and ministries listed on our prayer guide. Praying as we felt led, the bond of prayer was powerful. The guide was my treasured take-home reminder. The guide not only united us in prayer for that person or ministry, but also helped us to learn the names of ministry leaders, missionaries, their country of service, and their focus. Given my extensive travels abroad, I knew much about the struggles in cultures faced by the teams to Europe and India. I came to know brothers and sisters in Christ I’d never met but hoped to when they returned. What a thrill to sit at a table with teens, younger couples, elders, and staff. Prayer created new bonds. More recently, we’ve started getting to know a ministry partner, pastor from another one of our congregations or intern. I love praying for these youngsters. Do you want to see the heart of The Orchard? Come to Pray First. God is on the move here. We are blessed to bless and that happens at Pray First.