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Michael Hernandez

The idea of baptism isn’t new, but now it is one that I truly understand. I grew up Catholic but most of my life, I never really felt involved in the community. The service felt bland to me and I never really knew how to go up to the pastor and just talk to him in a one-on-one without feeling intimidated. When I met my fiancé, Elizabeth, she invited me into her church. Not knowing what really to expect, I assumed I would be judged based on my apparel. Instead, I was welcomed with open arms. Although everything was going great with my new church, I felt as though I still lacked in faith. Elizabeth and I agreed that it was time to look for a new community. We thought it might be possible to take the roots from our previous church and see if someone else would be able to help them develop into something positively unimaginable. We ended up at The Orchard, and let me tell you, since day one, it has been nothing less than a blessing. Through The Orchard and Pastor Andre, I have been able to put the Lord’s Word into better perspective. I thought such an accomplishment would never be within my reach. After two months at The Orchard, I finally decided to take the needed leap of faith that I’ve been questioning since the day I decided to accept my invitation into a Christian community. And while being mentored by Pastor Andre, I had a strong desire to be baptized. I understand that the warmth I have experienced is not just anatomy but the Holy Spirit that lives in me. I want to be fully yoked through my faith and in full sync with the Lord. Therefore, I want to publicly express my faith by participating in believer’s baptism.