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Martha Messer

In 2018, I resisted signing up for the Wednesday Women’s LIFE Group’s Exodus study. My schedule was already quite crowded with 13 grandkids and occasionally substituting at my beloved Hersey High School in my former role as the school nurse. Did I really want to drag through all the difficulties of God’s people constantly being disobedient and making things difficult for Moses? I have no time! The Holy Spirit won that battle thankfully!! The next year I eagerly signed up for Ecclesiastes/Romans with no doubt as to this being the best of choices for time spent. Now this year in Genesis mixed right in perfectly with the changing moment by moment strain of living in troubled times. If any woman is looking for a growing love for God’s Word, a place of safety, encouragement, care and compassion, transparency in the struggles of life, I say, “Don’t say no!” Every year I have been with a group of a mix of ages: young moms, middle-agers and old timers like myself. It has been nothing less than glorious and a picture of what the Church should be – learning and growing from one another with the Lord as our sure and unchanging Rock. Praise be to God.