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Marge's Story

I’m always looking for opportunities to invite people to church, so I’ve been participating in our Generous Inviting events at Itasca. I take a few packets with the Gospel of John and information about The Orchard, as well as local coffee shop gift cards I’ve purchased, to hand out when I see the opportunity. I’ve also given this information to a few neighbors. I try to love my neighbors and be faithful, and leave it in God’s hands to draw them.

Our church has also been receiving bread donations from Panera which we use to bless those in need and share the love of Christ. I knew of a few families in my area who would be blessed to receive bread or bagels. I have been bringing several items to an older couple weekly, and they have been very thankful and appreciate that our church is doing this. I’ve also given bagels to a few other neighbors and invited them to visit our church.