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Marge's Story

I’m always looking for opportunities to invite people to church, so I’ve been participating in our Generous Inviting events at Itasca. I take a few packets with the Gospel of John and information about The Orchard, as well as local coffee shop gift cards I’ve purchased, to hand out when I see the opportunity. I’ve also given this information to a few neighbors. I try to love my neighbors and be faithful, and leave it in God’s hands to draw them.

Recently I switched my insurance company and met with a new agent. As we sat and talked while he processed my information, I began to talk about things happening in the world. As the conversation progressed, I began talking about spiritual things. I asked him if he knew Christ as Lord and Savior and if he attended a church. He said yes, he attended a Catholic Church. He’d mentioned he had 3 young children and I asked about their Christian education. I told him about The Orchard’s ministries for children and that Youth Group and Awana would be starting soon. The next day I went back with John’s Gospel, a Dunkin' Donuts gift card, an Itasca campus refrigerator magnet, and information on Awana. He received it graciously. I don’t know the outcome of this, but I look forward to talking to him again when I renew my policies!