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Lisa and Rusty Schluchter

Change is hard. After leaving our former church, we felt lost and discouraged. But in obedience to the Lord, we prayed and asked him to show us our next move. He led us to The Orchard Northfield, although in full disclosure, it wasn’t easy. We took baby steps and were skeptical this time around. Pastor Josh was gracious to encourage us that this could be a place of rest, even if we just pass through. Pastor Jeremy and Kristin were wonderful too--they brought our oldest daughter, Coco, right into the fold at student ministry. Through the kids ministry, our other two daughters, Gia and Nina, slowly started to open back up. The healing process was underway. “Thank you, Lord,” we thought.

What seemed like a bright, new start turned on its head when the pandemic hit. Our faith was challenged to say the least. Being isolated with three kids in the house doing e-learning, running businesses over Zoom, and living through a worldwide health crisis, felt impossible. Although it was difficult, it was encouraging to see the church was alive and well. The Orchard did a fantastic job spreading the gospel each week with their online streaming services. Sundays became a source of hope for us to gather as a family, worship God, hear from his word and pray together--even in our pj’s. This time also helped us appreciate the goodness and faithfulness of God afresh. There’s no doubt in our mind now who runs the show.  

A lot has changed for our family since then and taking “one day at a time” has new meaning for us. That’s why we are grateful for the many familiar faces at The Orchard Northfield who have regularly welcomed us with kindness during this tough season. It means a lot. We look forward to growing, serving, and Lord willing, becoming a part of this community of kingdom-builders. Psalm 146:2

-The Schluchters: Lisa, Rusty, Coco, Gia and Nina