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Laura Eder

Leading a Women’s LIFE Group has been such a blessing to me. I’ve benefited from the training and resources Pastor Brad and The Orchard’s leadership have given over the years. They helped me grow as a facilitator, resisting the temptation to teach instead of inviting everyone to contribute to the conversation. Now all nine members actively participate with insights God has given through their unique personalities.

When I first started leading many years ago, I thought so much was up to me when we met – I felt responsibility for everyone’s growth and happiness. Praise God that I’ve discovered that a posture of prayer and an open Bible with some helpful questions is actually all the preparation that was needed each week! Our group has truly lifted each other up in prayer both in and out of meeting times. It’s been a delight to see these ladies increasingly pray Scripture over each other and share requests in a safe setting that range from work pressures to relational and health issues to more personal holiness.

Because we meet on Sunday mornings, it’s been easier for newer people to quickly connect, and being sermon-based has allowed us to help each other practically apply the biblical principles from the message. I receive more than I give each week and continually rejoice as I watch these precious sisters in Christ grow in maturity and love for each other.