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Kristen Paraskevas

I grew up at The Orchard, participating in Awana, Sunday school and youth group. My faith would not be where it is today without the Biblical teaching and the Christ-like love I received from the body of Christ while growing up. When I went to Moody Bible Institute in the fall of 2017, I was sad to be leaving my church home for a season. But it was about this time last year when the start of the Chicago congregation was announced, and I couldn’t believe it! It felt like my worlds were colliding to have a campus of my home church in my new home in the city. Even though I had only been living in the city for a short amount of time, I had already begun to see the lack of Biblical teaching and Gospel proclaiming churches in city. Seeing this need, I was so excited to be a part of the start of The Orchard Chicago and to see what the Lord would do in and through this new place!

I have the joy and the privilege of leading the children’s ministries. The Lord has given me a heart for children because I know firsthand the life changing transformation that the church can play in the life of a child. When I was young and could not understand or process some of the challenging things at home, the thing I could hold onto and trust was that God would never leave me nor forsake me. No matter what was going on with my earthly father, I knew that my heavenly father would have me in His hands. This is what we hope and pray that all the kids who come into children’s ministry will know and cling to, in the good and the bad. And that is why I stay and serve; because I hope to be used by the Lord as a light in children’s lives in the same way that other people were for me.