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Kate Meyle

My life has changed quite a bit over the last couple years. While most of those changes have been for the better, they haven't come without struggles. Graduating and moving to a new place, leaving my amazing friends, support system, and Christian community behind was hard. I moved here excited to make new connections, but ended up spending the majority of my time by myself with living alone, primarily working from home, and struggling to find a new community. At the time, my husband and I were still dating and weren't able to see each other consistently with our schedules, but we knew it was so important for us to search for a church community to join in order to start our life here together. It took several months to find a home here but I finally found it at The Orchard. From our first day trying this church it was clear to both of us this is where we were meant to be. That was made even more clear when we learned we would end up living right where they were launching a new congregation. We can walk to church! God couldn't have made it more obvious than that. We are so excited to be involved with the launch of The Orchard Vernon Hills and are enjoying our new LIFE Group together. God is faithful. We are so looking forward to being involved with the beginnings of this new congregation and pray it will bless others as it already is a blessing for us. Sometimes in the midst of the struggle it's easy to lose hope, and this church has been a great reminder to me that God hears our prayers.