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Josiah Alvarado

When I first started going to Youth Group back in 6th grade, I remember being super nervous and skeptical. I didn't say it to my parents, but I didn't want to go. However, upon arriving, I remember getting a warm greeting at the door, “Welcome! We're glad to have you here and hope you have a great night!”. I remember meeting my teachers for the first time, reassuring me that their desire was to point me to Jesus, which was really encouraging.

Soon after that I went from being nervous to feeling comfortable. Over the years I've gotten to know my teachers & friends, and have started enjoying going to Youth Group and Sunday School. After some time, I started listening to what the teachers were teaching about being holy and serving God. I realized that I lacked being holy and serving God in my day-to-day life, which bothered me. I realized I needed roots for myself. I needed to get planted in God's Word, and my teachers and friends were able to help me do that. Soon after that, the lessons went from being informational to being transformational.

This past year Pastor Albin has walked us through the Book of John, asking the question: “Who is Jesus?”. This series has helped clear up some of the misconceptions of our day & age and has prepared us for defending our faith. Through the lessons, I've learned more about how to defend my faith and have grown more secure in my faith.