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Jessica Gooden

My family is new to The Orchard. Ever since we moved to the area five years ago, we haven't really found a church to call "home." My neighbor has attended The Orchard for a years now, and she invited me and a few women in our neighborhood to join her on Saturdays for a Bible study. No one else was able to make it, so it ended up just being the two of us! We went in with the intention of doing a four-week study. Here we are four months later, and we are still meeting weekly. We've grown from being neighbors to becoming close friends. When I mentioned to her that I could never find an Awana program that runs on a day other than Wednesdays, she said, "Oh! I think The Orchard does!" She set me up with the right people and now my boys are doing Awana on Tuesdays, which is perfect for us! Next step is attending Sunday service!