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Jerry and Janet Taylor

My wife Janet, sister Carol and I have been so blessed since our very first Sunday visiting The Orchard. We had heard about a new series Pastor Colin started January 2019, going through the Bible in a year, so we thought it was a perfect time to visit. A few of our friends attended The Orchard, so it was nice to see familiar faces. However, it was the welcoming words of the people and the worshipful music that felt inviting to me. Janet was drawn to the solid Bible teaching right away. Both of us have gotten involved in serving. Janet has a passion for children and is an Awana leader. We both serve in the welcome ministry, as well as leading a LIFE Group.

We have been involved in small groups and truly feel this ministry is a vital part of spiritual growth. When we began attending The Orchard, it was natural to seek a LIFE Group. Our group is committed to growing in our walk with Christ, studying God’s Word together, encouraging one another and getting involved in our church community. Through LIFE Groups, we have connected with others on a deeper spiritual level: praying for each other, coming alongside others in their struggles and also holding each other accountable to what Jesus has called us to do.

Janet and I knew the next step for us was becoming members of The Orchard and committing to this body of believers and its leadership. We also hope to be examples to others by committing to membership of Jesus’s church.