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Iveta Berzinch

I distinctly remember my very first visit to The Orchard Itasca on a cold Mother’s Day a couple of years ago. God had been calling me for a while to a deeper fellowship with Him and other believers. When I walked in, I was greeted by smiling faces and felt welcomed, accepted and even expected. Someone invited me to sit with them. I noticed that many people had their own Bibles with them and were taking notes during the sermon. From the words of the very first song to the message and prayers it was evident that Christ indeed was the Lord here, and His Word was loved and revered among the people present. My heart soared with joy of having found my new church home. I felt like a traveler who, after a long journey, has finally arrived back home to a loving family. After the service someone prayed with me at the Welcome Desk. Since then I have returned each week. I love our church worship services because together we get to sing the Word, pray the Word, read the Word, preach the Word and worship our beautiful Savior Jesus Christ.