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Hannah Byers

One of the many blessings in this new season has been getting involved at The Orchard Chicago. Over the past year, God has taught me what it means to hold my time and plans loosely; it is important to simply be available. As Christians, it is our goal to be willing: to have conversations, to give our time, and to allow God to work. As I started my first semester on campus at Moody Bible Institute, I found myself filling my time and holding on to my schedule with a tight grasp. I would schedule out my weeks, completely filling any free time with homework or friends. I left no time for the Lord to be spontaneous. I was constantly on the go, never leaving a minute to sit and be present. As the opportunity to serve through a mentoring program was announced, I quickly knew it was something God wanted me to be involved in. I used this service opportunity to rearrange my habits from all about me to be about whom I am serving. I’m learning to allow more time in my schedule to be free for whatever God desires, whether it’s conversations with people, doing homework, or even just to rest. Adding service to my schedule has changed how I plan my time and where my priorities are. My hands are now open for whatever small or big moments God has planned, and I pray that God continues to soften my heart in preparation for saying “yes.”