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Georgette Steiger

My LIFE Group loves God’s Word and cares for each other. Meeting together as a group has looked differently lately but keeping our focus on these two things seems to have grounded us through the changes. Whether we are interacting face to face in a room at church on Sunday mornings or seeing our “little faces” on a screen, Scripture still directs our conversation. In our study of James a few years ago, we learned about being “doers of the word” who view trials of various kinds with joy and faith that makes us steadfast. We turned that instruction into specific and compassionate prayers for members of the group in the many struggles we were facing then. Early in 2020 our group was studying 1 Peter, verse by verse. The message of 1:13, to “prepare your minds for action,” was a timely one as the pandemic loomed ahead of us. In the uncertainty of quarantine and some personal medical issues last spring, my LIFE Group sisters in Christ prayed this passage and others (Phil. 4:7-8) that directed my mind and heart away from anxiety and fear. They showed great compassion, care and love to me through this kind of prayer! Even though we have not met for study in person since spring, our group remains close because we value what the Lord teaches us in His Word and it fuels our thinking as we care for each other! I think this is what Fellowship around the Word looks like!