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Emily Meredith

This fall, the need arose for a new women’s LIFE Group. As the youngest one in the group but also the leader, I have been learning how to lead with a posture of humility as I trust the Holy Spirit to embolden and guide my leadership. I have been consistently grateful for the privilege it is to engage in fruitful discussion, prayer, and fellowship with women from all life stages, and I have been greatly blessed by the opportunity to encourage and care for women in different stages of life than me. I have seen how each of us, in our current walk of life, has been able to offer a unique perspective that has provided insight and encouragement to the rest of the group as we faithfully study the Word and pray together each week. In this unpredictable year, amid so much uncertainty, it has been freshly important to be connected to other women who are seeking to fix their eyes on the unchanging Gospel. As we meet each week, we have grounded ourselves in the promises of Scripture and the truths of God’s character, even as we navigate our unique life stages. I am excited for what is in store for our group as we continue to search the Scriptures, pray without ceasing, and encourage each other as sisters in Christ!