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Emily Benjamin

Over the last year or so, our family has experienced many challenges. We suffered the death of our unborn baby girl about halfway through my pregnancy and endured her birth and burial in the same week. Two of our children were diagnosed with disorders that require unique parenting skills. We have been unable to see close family abroad since August 2019. We have a painful relationship with other extended family. Oh, and COVID. These experiences could have been extremely isolating. However, because we have been connected with LIFE Groups during this time, we have been loved, cared for and encouraged in only the way God can provide. The LIFE Group we attend together has become our family. They have prayed for and with us, helped us practically, mentored us, grieved with us, laughed with us and walked alongside us (and we with them). The Genesis LIFE Group I’ve been attending the last few months has opened my eyes to many of Gods promises. I’ve been reminded in new ways that God never makes mistakes, always has a plan, and always keeps His promises. Amid pain and turmoil, the Lord has granted me peace and joy, and shown how He cares for me through the love of our church family and LIFE groups. I’m so thankful!