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Doug Feigen

Four years ago, I was invited to join a 6 a.m. prayer group. I wasn’t thrilled about the time but felt my prayer life could use some help. So I joined. Our group spent an hour in prayer with each person taking turns praying for the needs of the church as well as for each other. As a result, I felt an increased confidence in my ability to pray, which has served me well. 

After about a year, our prayer group became a LIFE Group, incorporating Bible study and deeper fellowship alongside prayer. Our group leader handled this transition with some great ideas. We’ve spent time sharing personal testimonies and digging into a number of books in the Bible. I especially enjoyed working through the Psalms. We spent the past year walking through the Bible story alongside Pastor Colin’s weekly teaching. We have just begun a Bible study designed to help us react to pressures, temptations, difficulties and blessings of life in God-honoring ways.

We also discuss real life issues and pray for one another. I love that we feel free to reach out to one another via text, email or group message with an encouraging word or pertinent Scripture. For me personally, these past couple years have been difficult. In a one-year span my sister, dad and mom all passed away. The guys in my LIFE Group have supported me with wise council, encouragement and prayer. After my mom died, one of the guys brought my wife and me enough pizza and homemade lasagna to last for weeks, an act of care and kindness that truly blessed us. Being in a Christ-centered LIFE Group is something I’m glad to be a part of and am grateful for brothers to share life with … even at 6 a.m.