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Cassidy Baker

One of the greatest exhibitions I’ve seen at the Montázs Art Café in Budapest was by a Christian artist who displayed her work. She takes worn, beaten up materials and draws out the beauty in them – rather than hiding the flaws, she highlights them using paint or gold leaf or other lovely materials. To me, this was such a beautiful picture of what Christ does in our lives! It reminded me (and others who saw her work) of the truth that Jesus not only heals us from our sin and brokenness but redeems it all and makes us His own. I had many encouraging conversations in the Café about Christ’s redemption during this exhibition. 

Cassidy Baker is a missionary with ReachGlobal supported by The Orchard who oversees the Montázs Art Café in Budapest, Hungary, which features artists whose talent highlights the work of Christ in their lives and invites exhibits by non-Christian artists to open doors for discussing things of the heart. If you want to know more about missions at The Orchard, contact Brad Mullet