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Carole Bacon

I have been so blessed being able to do CG for the online services for the past year. I’m the person who puts the slides up for the song lyrics and the sermon notesWhen I was asked, I didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’ even though we were in the middle of a pandemic and I am older. It is a privilege to serve in this way, to use my gift (1 Timothy 4:14) to help and minister to the body of Christ, you the people of The Orchard. Selfishly, it was so good to get out of my condo twice a week during the worst of the lockdown. It was good to hear of blessing the online service was to all of you and how we were reaching many others. I was blessed to meet and work with many musicians and pastors from all our congregations. I have also made precious friendships with those I worked with this past year. I have learned that God is faithful in all things. What if this pandemic had happened years ago? We would not been able to be together even though it was virtually. God brought the right time and people together so we as a church could be together. I have grown in my faith by being a part of this. To see each week how we all show up and do our part. Sometimes it’s rough but it always turns out a blessing for many. Thank you in your faithfulness to watch and participate. have been given a special gift from God to have been able to do this.