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Carl Johnson

When I first started attending The Orchard, I was looking for a way to serve. Growing up in the church, I knew that there is almost always a perpetual need for volunteers in any children’s ministry. I asked Pastor Josh how I could get involved, he connected me with Jeremy, and I’ve been serving in the K-2nd class of Orchard Kids since.

What I enjoy most about serving in Orchard Kids is the amazing maturity some of these very young kids show in class. There have been many times where I ask a question about the verse or lesson topic and get an answer that shows amazing understanding of what we’re learning about. God has really shown me how the Spirit can work in believers of all ages, and He has even has used the kids to teach me at times. Serving in Orchard Kids has been such a blessing for me to invest in the lives of all the kids who come to The Orchard, to grow closer to those I am serving with, and to grow in my relationship with God through service.