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Caitlin Hacker

Serving in youth group has been such a joy these last three years. I am so blessed with the young ladies in my small group and the opportunity to work alongside two wonderful co-leaders. This last year, with all the craziness that has ensued from COVID-19, youth group has looked a little different. I've enjoyed the opportunity to lead a group game at the beginning of each evening, which includes the added challenge of creating activities that honor the guidelines set in place to keep the students socially distanced. The Lord has worked marvelously in this youth group as the students continue to grow in their learning of Christ and in their fellowship with one another. This next generation is faced with a plethora of new untruths and temptations, and they must be equipped with the truth we are provided through Scripture, and the peace and strength given from the Father. Continue to pray for these students - and praise God for a church that values preaching the Word to them!