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Annie Chang

Although I moved to Chicago from Los Angeles four years ago, I am still making adjustments to calling this wonderful city my adopted home. Finding a church where I feel connected has been on the top of the list and with the recommendation of an old pastor, I came to find The Orchard Chicago. I felt God’s gentle push to rather quickly integrate myself into the church and even joined a new women’s LIFE Group which began a few weeks after my first visit.

The LIFE Group has been one which has truly shown me what it means to have sisters in Christ, especially during trying times. I have been growing spiritually in learning more about the Bible, practicing prayer, and integrating God into my life past the "Sunday Christian." Even with a daily practice in reading Scripture, there is something that is so special in reading the Bible with others as a Christian family. What can be confusing is brought to life in discussion when my sisters shine a light on what I did not understand, and there are also times when I find out that I know more about the Bible than I may give myself credit for. I look forward to meeting with my sisters on a weekly basis to reflect on the Sunday sermon, to share prayer requests and praise reports, and also to check in during the week as well.