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Andre Powell

Before coming to Pacific Garden Mission (PGM) I felt hopeless and withdrawn from the world. I remember seeing my mom and other people who attended our church change their personality after service: acting as if they had never been church that day with their gaming, lying, cheating, fornicating… Those practices of life surrounded me so much during my early Christian years, and I thought that was how I ought to live. So I did. My life consisted of all the above and more. And I had lost the presence of God’s love in my life. Or so I thought. Years later, after my failed attempt at suicide, I landed at PGM.

After joining the Bible Program at PGM my life began to change. I regained my life with the Lord by the teaching of Pastor Phil and others who would bring the words of God to my heart. I began to love others better. I became a better servant. I began to feel whole and my voids were filled with God’s Word. Then PGM offered a program for men to have an opportunity to try this new church called The Orchard. As soon as I walked in the door, I experienced this overwhelming feeling of love. The first thing I thought was, “This is the church for me.” I love how God has shown his face in this place Sunday after Sunday. The Orchard has been what I have always wanted in a church. I can never repay what I owe to Christ, but I am compelled to be a blessing and offer my services to God and the Chicago congregation. I give thanks to God for his kindness to me and by his grace I am here to stay.