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Amy Ravenscroft & Mary Zoss

On Sunday, Pastor Colin challenged us from Isaiah 38 to use the means that God has given us to bless others. Here are two stories to encourage you.

Dan Aneszko, who worships at Northfield, is a dentist in Chicago. He and another member of his dental office took the day on Thursday to drop off PPE (personal protective equipment) to staff at Swedish Covenant Hospital and Mercy Hospital. He posted on Facebook, "The COVID-19 situation is worse then any of us could’ve imagined. Our front line medical teams need to keep safe.” When we asked him more about this, he said, "It was really just a desire to share and give any as much PPE as we could. I know doctors at both Swedish Covenant and Mercy Hospital, which I [had] spoken with and both expressed their need for protective equipment. Both Hospitals, like many around the country, don’t have the necessary PPE to treat the high volume of patients. If the doctors and nurses can’t protect themselves, and contract the virus, a bad situation, will only turn worse. It’s the least I could do.” We love this example of how God is using Dan’s servant heart and his work to help protect the most vulnerable.

Mary Zoss and Amy Ravenscroft, who worship at Arlington Heights, are using their sewing skills to bless others. Collectively, they’ve created 32 homemade masks that Amy dropped off at the Lutheran Home this week. They are planning to create many more for others. Mary has been sewing since she was 8 years old and found this to be an easy way to help provide for those in need. She and Amy not only worked quickly, but created a beautiful product using fun materials and bright colors. We love how God is using Amy and Mary's creativity!

So, we want to hear how God has been using you! Let us know by sending your story to   or by tagging us on one of our social media pages.