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Alexander and Kendra Macris

After moving to Greece in December 2019, we felt the Lord calling us to work with a church plant in inner-city Athens for a two year internship, and we only become more confident of that calling with time. Within the last few months, some amazing growth has happened in Kypseli! For two months in the Spring 2020, all of Greece was on an intense lockdown. We were only allowed to leave our houses for specific reasons and only after texting the government-issued number. Quickly after the lockdown ended, we started meeting for outdoor services and youth group before being allowed to meet indoors with a limited number of people. Before the lockdown, Kypseli was averaging 40 people on a Sunday morning with one service. We are now at 70 people on a Sunday morning in three services. The Lord is growing Kypseli! Some of this growth can be attributed to our summer day camp as well as a large outdoor concert we held in the neighborhood square. The concert was of a well-known Christian rapper who attends the church and sings songs with evangelistic intent. There were more than 400 people in the square during the performance and a number of these visited the church for a Sunday service afterwards.