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Sean's Story

Before Sean’s sophomore year of high school, his parents divorced. This news devastated him. He turned to racing cars as an outlet, but this did... (read more)

David and Amy Williams

We knew on our first visit that this was an amazing place to be and that we had found the right church home for our family.

Will and Mackenzie Hopkins

It further kindled our excitement for international missions and led us to process how we can best prepare for missions now.

Dave and Gina Udchik

We never thought missions was for us, but the Lord has changed our hearts, and it started with that first trip to the Balkans.

Zenol Moore

Zenol said she is always asking the Lord, “Why am I here…and what do You want me to do?” She knows that if He is giving her work to do, He will give her the energy to do it.

Lisa and Rusty Schluchter

Sundays became a source of hope for us to gather as a family, worship God, hear from his word and pray together--even in our pj’s.

Bev Converse

After our phone call, she shared with her daughter that she was deeply moved and encouraged to have heard the verses on “The Lord is my Shepherd.”

Diane Bridges

She and Don are so much younger than us, but called us as soon as COVID hit to see if we needed anything.

Kreg and Laura Peterson

We started praying for a campus to open up closer to us about 15 years ago. We loved the sound preaching of the Gospel...

Jeff and Emily Crutchfield

We were so excited at the possibility of having our home church close to us! This might allow us to become more involved in the church, and our kids could attend Awana!

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