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Sean's Story

Before Sean’s sophomore year of high school, his parents divorced. This news devastated him. He turned to racing cars as an outlet, but this did... (read more)

Charles and Brenda

After 10 years of being homeless and moving between motels, they could finally begin to recover. The church found ways to furnish the home and move them in.

Amanda Grandlienard

She was extremely blessed by Pastor Colin’s series and worship and prayed her adult daughter would join us too. After about a month her daughter did join us and a month later brought her boyfriend as well.

Pastor Josh Newton

Covid has provided an amazing season of ministry. We have had two students put their faith in Christ this month!

Linda Green

It was a blessing to be able to talk and pray with those who I saw and could personally hand the bag to them.

Peace and Prayer Walk

Approximately 75 people walked and prayed the words of Psalm 67 as we cried out to the Lord for His grace, the advance of the Gospel in Chicago and all nations of the Earth, for gladness concerning the equitable judgments of our King and for the name of the Lord to be praised!

Pastor Josh Parsons

There are unbelievers who have come to know the love of Jesus and there are believers who have been strengthened in their faith on account of the work that God has done here, in this place!

Pastor Andre Ballard

The Thrive Campaign has allowed our church to build relationships and meet the needs of a community right in the heart of our mission statement, the city of Chicago.

Pastor Tom Yoon

The Lord has used Thrive to build a new Gospel-preaching congregation in The Orchard, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the fruit that is yet to come.

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