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Parents' Night Out | Itasca

Parents’ Night Out gives parents the opportunity to spend quality time together. We have seen this ministry grow over the last year and a half... (read more)

Pastor Justin Searles

When the first of the food trucks came to Marengo, folks from The Orchard Marengo helped distribute the food and move cars through the pickup line.

Austen Duzey

Through Christ working through my father I began to see what it meant to serve others and to love unconditionally like Christ.

Abby Domsten

I said yes, trusting that God would lead me every step of the way. This experience has helped me to grow a deeper relationship with the Lord. In preparing for worship, choosing songs, and emailing the team, I have spent more time in prayer and seeing how worthy God is of our worship.

Tom Long

We are totally dependent upon the Lord as we finish up the year and pray for his protection and provision for all our clubbers, families, and volunteer leaders and more importantly, that His Spirit will continue to move in our clubs as we strive to finish our year strongly. 

Paul Kadolpf

I now recognize a consistent calmness, happiness, and confident lifestyle given by God’s grace. 

Cassidy Baker

It reminded me (and others who saw her work) of the truth that Jesus not only heals us from our sin and brokenness but redeems it all and makes us His own.

Beth Wegner

This same child has gotten behind in her Awana workbook, so this was a much-needed encouragement and reminder that the benchmarks we set for ourselves and our children will never inhibit His work in our lives.

Melanie Hardesty

We have half the kids and they brought 100 more items than last year! 

Caitlin Hacker

The Lord has worked marvelously in this youth group as the students continue to grow in their learning of Christ and in their fellowship with one another.

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