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Richie Flores Jr.

When I heard the Student Ministries Center was getting a revamp, I was really excited. I have so many memories with the Youth Group, I know they... (read more)

Marengo Youth Group

"Marengo’s youth group is growing! These students not only come to have fun, but are also putting their faith into action by becoming Awana Jr. Leaders. It brings so much joy to see these young people start out as Cubbies in Awana, and now helping to lead others. They are becoming mentors."

Matthew Lothery

After four weeks, the congregation already feels like family! Everyone I have met is so warm, welcoming, and friendly. I am so grateful to the Lord for how he has provided such encouraging pastors, loving people, and a great place at Vernon Hills. God is so faithful, and I am excited to see what...

Kelly Kennedy

I was still battling my addictions. As my therapist said, I was “straddling two worlds,” and it was pulling me apart. But God graciously pulled me out in 2019. I am getting baptized because Jesus saved me from my sin and self-destruction.

Barbara Zuniga

It has been an adventure hosting The Orchard Northfield's "Market & Music" booth at Clarkson Park. The weather has been great, and the park is nice. The highlight of my time has been working and having fun with different individuals from our church.  

Greg and Mary Popek

The people of this church were so kind to us and made us feel welcome though we didn’t know anyone...it was the spirit of the people that stood out and made this the kind of church we would want to visit again.

Steve and Carol Ekblad

Through these discussions, Steve and I have grown in our understanding of and love for God’s Word and marriage. We’ve been challenged to be alert for ways to use the daily, myriad of ordinary moments to demonstrate love to each other...

Pastor Justin Searles

When the first of the food trucks came to Marengo, folks from The Orchard Marengo helped distribute the food and move cars through the pickup line.

Austen Duzey

Through Christ working through my father I began to see what it meant to serve others and to love unconditionally like Christ.

Abby Domsten

I said yes, trusting that God would lead me every step of the way. This experience has helped me to grow a deeper relationship with the Lord. In preparing for worship, choosing songs, and emailing the team, I have spent more time in prayer and seeing how worthy God is of our worship.

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