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Parents' Night Out | Itasca

Parents’ Night Out gives parents the opportunity to spend quality time together. We have seen this ministry grow over the last year and a half... (read more)

Northfield Women's Summer Gatherings

The Orchard Northfield Women’s Ministry is so thankful for five wonderful Summer Gatherings this year. These gatherings drew many newer women and gave them fantastic opportunities to connect and feel more a part of The Orchard. What a blessing!

Cole and Hillary Huntington

Coming to The Orchard Marengo has blessed our family immensely! Serving and the fellowship opportunities that came with it has helped us build relationships with members of this church body.

Barbara's Story

On a recent flight home from Virginia, I prayed that the Lord would seat me next to someone I could share the Gospel with. Once on the plane, a guy in his thirties with tattoos and a mohawk asked if he could sit next to me.

Josiah Alvarado

When I first started going to Youth Group back in 6th grade, I remember being super nervous and skeptical. However, upon arriving, I remember getting a warm greeting at the door. Soon after that I went from being nervous to feeling comfortable.

Richie Flores Jr.

When I heard the Student Ministries Center was getting a revamp, I was really excited. I have so many memories with the Youth Group, I know they will stick with me for the rest of my life. I remember the pastors talking about how a lot of students walk away from their faith when going to...

Alex Kocis

In my 20s, I decided to explore Christianity, doing everything a good Christian would do: I attended a church, signed up for Alpha, I participated in a church retreat, attended faith-filled events, and joined a bible study. All the boxes were checked, except for one: I never believed Jesus as my...

Nina's Story

Nina, a young girl who attends The Orchard Northfield, was very moved by this year’s encouragement to invite a neighbor to church. She wrote a personal note to her neighbors to invite them to church on Easter Sunday. Nina joyfully prayed for their attendance.

Natalie Ruffner

Natalie serves as an Awana Cubbies Director who can’t help but invite young families to bring their children to Awana! Each week, she conveys her love of the Gospel and the moving of the Spirit.

Andrew Mascetti

Andrew Mascetti has been a believer in Jesus for many years and wanted to be baptized. When baptism was recently offered at The Orchard Itasca on January 9, 2022, Andrew was eager to make this public declaration of his faith. Read more here!

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