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The mission of The Orchard School of Ministry is to raise up pastors who will serve churches here and around the world.

We have seen that it is the local church that gives birth to pastors. 

Godly leadership is vital for the health and growth of any church, and the mission of The Orchard School of Ministry is to raise up pastors who will serve churches here in the United States and around the world.

At the heart of this venture is developing residents and interns who serve alongside our pastors while preparing for a lifetime of vocational ministry. Through The Orchard School of Ministry, this will be accomplished through practical hands-on ministry experience as well as developing skills to cultivate a godly life. 

The Orchard School of Ministry

If you want to be an effective pastor with a sustainable ministry, you’ll need:

  • A lifelong commitment to godliness
  • A comprehensive grasp of the Bible
  • A robust theology
  • The character and qualities of an elder
  • Competence in a wide range of ministry skills
  • Self-discipline and wisdom in ordering priorities
  • Freedom from significant debt 

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What does the School of Ministry offer?



Certificate of Pastoral Ministry

This three-year program provides aspiring preaching pastors with the benefit of church-based training along with coursework taught by experienced, theologically trained pastors.

This three-year program includes:

  • Approximately 13 hours/week of classes and homework
  • Paid employment at The Orchard
    • Part-time: 18 hours/week of mentored ministry experiences
    • Full-time: 36 hours/week of mentored ministry experiences
  • No costs other than books

Sample Course Schedule  Ministry Experience Overview

  • Men who are drawn to serve the church as Gospel-centered preaching pastors who desire to live with integrity under the authority of God’s Word.
  • Individuals who can commit to the entire three-year program.
  • Application deadline – December 31
  • Interviews – January and February
  • Hiring Decision – March 1
  • Program Begins – August 1


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