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  • Every Sunday, from 01/23/2022 to 02/13/2022, 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

  • 9:00 am - 10:15 am

  • Barrington, Awana room
    1301 South Grove Avenue
    Barrington, Illinois

Outreach Toolbox: Everyday Ways to Grow in Sharing Christ

1 Peter challenges us to prepare our hearts, minds, and souls through the Word of God to be ready to share the good news of Jesus Christ with gentleness and respect. Outreach Toolbox equips us for everyday situations, giving us more confidence to share Christ effectively by using simple, conversational materials for skills we can practice together. Sharing Christ is a lifetime call and one we will always strive to grow in. Outreach Toolbox will provide you with a few more “tools” for your toolbox that you can start using in your everyday relationships with others.

Over four weeks, we will focus on practical evangelism skills so that we may be better prepared and ready to share Christ without feeling intimidated, awkward, or uncomfortable.

January 23: Storytelling - Sharing the Bible through conversation and sharing your testimony more pointedly - Pastor Trey Sonnenberg
January 30: Leading Questions - Following the Spirit and directing conversations toward spiritual matters - Pastor Trey Sonnenberg
February 6: Active listening - Reflective listening, hearing without arguing, and giving opinions or solutions - Pastor Shohei Suzuki
February 13: Prayer - Focusing our hearts on God’s power to save - Pastoral Resident Tim Banna

  • Barrington